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"Memorable design is fostered with clear 
communication, experience, expertise, and enthusiasm."




Who is the audience? How do you attract them and get them to engage with the message and brand? How do you want the product or company to be perceived? What do you expect to achieve from the campaign? It's crucial your ideas and expectations are being heard. You know your business, your audience, and what you expect as a final outcome.


It’s important to foster an open line of communication with the Client to ensure the marketing strategy continues to fulfill their expectations and evolve to meet the demands of the market.


After 29 years in marketing/advertising and working with Clients from a wide variety of industries, I’ve learned something new from every project and the relationship established with each Client. I've followed the trends of design, apps, media, digital + social marketing, and best lead generation/tracking practices. I have a knack for diving into analytics to evaluate the campaign and proactively pivot when necessary to suit their ever-changing expectations of their target audience. 


I can remember the day I knew I wanted to be a designer. I was a second grader, spending a rainy Saturday afternoon redesigning the cover of my Black Beauty hardback book. In my opinion, the title incorporated the wrong font and was too small and insignificant in the design (OK…I was seven…my critique wasn’t quite that descriptive). I painstakingly redrew the horse illustration and finessed the type (which I layered with rice paper to easily manipulate the elements of the layout) until it was perfect. When I went to show my mom the finished design, I was shocked to look outside and find that the rain had stopped and the day had turned into a crisp fall evening. I had worked on the drawing for 6 hours straight! And my love for great design and marketing only gets stronger with each new challenge.

I love presenting my Clients with well-prepared, finalized designs they described during our initial consultation. Their enthusiasm after seeing their ideas become reality is infectious. Those Clients that "leave the magic to me" often exclaim that the designs are exactly what they wanted but couldn't express. I thoroughly enjoy the long-term partnerships my Clients and I have established over the years. I appreciate that it takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and good communication to earn that level of trust. A sprinkle of enthusiasm doesn’t hurt either.

— Barbara



AS FAR BACK AS BARBARA CAN REMEMBER, SHE'S HAD A LOVE FOR DESIGNThroughout her high school and college career, she designed logos, brochures, stationery, flyers, and signage for countless local businesses, garage bands, athletic organizations, school activities, and community events.

Graduating from Virginia Tech in 1995 with a Bachelor of Art degree in graphic design and a minor in marketing, Barbara began her professional career as a graphic designer for an advertising agency in Leesburg, VA. Comprised of a staff of 6-10 talented designers, creative directors, copywriters, and account managers, the agency specialized in print and web design, marketing, and public relations for insurance, securities, educational, financial, and trade association Clients throughout Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC.

A few years later, Barbara accepted the senior graphic designer position for a Fortune 500 telecommunications corporation and was quickly promoted to Creative Director. Her responsibilities include developing and implementing corporate logo guidelines and overseeing the consistency of the brand through weekly print campaigns, trade show collateral, intercompany communications (company enewsletter), signage, and marketing proposal boilerplates. In 2000, the company was acquired by a large utilities corporation, based in Philadelphia, PA. Barbara joined forces with the parent company's marketing department to develop and design a rebrand campaign, including corporate identity, corporate identity standards manual, stationery, brochures, annual report, sales materials, exhibit/tradeshow booth, print advertising, and display/signage, to name a few. 

With the encouragement of her family, friends, and colleagues, Barbara launched Beeline Design in the fall of 2001. Beeline Design was established to provide the direct solution for marketing and design that offers results for its established Client base. 

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